Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-08

  • will not make it to #sob I get to hang out with nephews and brother instead #
  • Helping bro out in new house. Just hid HD antenna cable. Now trying a small linux on a 233mhz #
  • @stammy, at least your hosting will try REALLY hard to not have a failure over the next YEAR #
  • Exploring the facebook developer features and amazed at the implications could be great for FandomU on Win Azure and #starvingfree lancers #
  • Atlanta is #1… Most Toxic City. #
  • FML, I've managed to cause drastic harm to my car a month ago, and my dad's (borrowing) tonight #
  • Fixed a broken cv joint in the car in 1 day. The 5 mile ride back from the parts store is more difficult with a 50lb part in hands. #
  • @skalnik The beard is all itchy! Must resist urges to shave. #
  • @sanjay In theory, the ssd would give you great seek times and the hd great write times. You might need to edit some software raid code. in reply to sanjay #
  • Fun developing more ideas for FandomU for #mbiwk @ bizspark, getting ready to have a great time developing a startup project #
  • Too much shake rattle and roll at #gt #sixflags night.\\ #
  • Finally registered for #asw3 today. Start a startup in the next week! #
  • A freshman on the #clemson intercepted and tried a hook and ladder throw that missed target, but was then run for 30 more yards. #cu #
  • My middle school team kicker is better than the #clemson kicker he has missed like 4 kicks. #
  • Should I program an email confirmation section or just accept facebook/twitter sign ins to verify a real account. #php #webdev #MBIWK #
  • I will be missing SOB again tomorrow @mmealing @colinake @stephenfleming @ajaimk but look forward to hearing about #mbiwk next week. #
  • @Stammy, iloveguacomole,, are available. Start It. in reply to Stammy #

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