Big News – Azure Incubation Week

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This morning was very exciting for me because I got an email from the Microsoft BizSpark people notifying me that a team that I am a member of ( FandomU ) has been accepted (1 of 5) teams into the Windows Azure Incubation Week starting next week.  I\’m incredibly excited as this is a huge chance for me to have a ton of success.

\"\"I heard about the incubation week when Microsoft sponsored BarCamp Atlanta last week, and I struggled to find another developer friend who would be willing to spend some time one week to work on a project. I had met Chris from FandomU through GTYES, SOB Open Breakfasts, and had discussed his idea a barCamp that stems from his experiences with MoMoCon (a 7200 person Japanese Anime convention hosted in Atlanta.)

The big news today is great because it means that next week, we will have a chance to make it really big with Microsoft coaching,  Indian developers doing more of the tedious coding and us architect-ing and revising the idea to on Friday be presented with a judging panel, and maybe find some investors.

I\’m so excited, expect another blog post detailing some of what FandomU will be bringing to the table in the future.

When I was thinking about whether or not I would do this I thought to myself, what do I have to lose?   Worst case scenario, after a week I have some equity in a practically finished product that has been coached to be commercially viable. Best case scenario, after a week I have some equity in a practically finished product that IS commercially viable and is fetching some investor interest for a comfortable payout and a very decent / fun  job over the next few years.

Thank you Microsoft, I look forward to trying some of your products.

Other blog posts hopefully coming this week: Starving – about one of my other startup ventures and an ad for StartUp Weekend in Atlanta (the day after the azure incubation week.)