Balloon Boy and Energy / Work

I\’ve really enjoyed the recent helium experiments that people are doing, whether it is for upper atmosphere¬† photography or just a publicity stunt.¬† In combination with watching Jame\’s May\’s ig Ideas (from the BBC) I started thinking about all of that force that is relatively being exerted for a balloon to fly that high – in effect, for upper atmosphere testing – 1lb for 104km.

And it got me thinking about wave energy as well, because, a BUOY is going to have an even greater buoyancy differential in water.


But I couldn\’t figure out how to harness this energy, something was/is missing. We have this awesome lifting force (in the deep sea) that we can only use once to create energy (and it uses more energy to be able to repeat the process.)

James May\’\’s Big ideas do cover the kite idea of wind power generation where one kite flies high to generate power until you make an adjustment and have it sink down until the next Kite flies and generates all of the electricity it needs.

So what I\’ve been trying to figure out for days is if it is at all possible in some way to generate power from this contained force – which is the problem, by containing the forces you no longer have any WORK actually being done. In fact, the closest I came to an idea was that the spring would change temperatures as it expands or contracts in a newtonmeter – which would still only be the work of the spring stretching.

Seems like a linear motor buoy is still the best option to use these ideas to generate electricity, because both the seas and the atmosphere have currents and so a sort of linear action will occur.

I had thought that the easy reason why all of this thinking was just a perpetual motion dream because undoubtedly a balloon bladder can\’t contain a tiny gas element forever. Forward on though, because at least I\’m in the ideation mood.

I still want to make a linear prototype buoy for a lake… because I know a lot of people who like lakes, like making wakes, or like wakes to be dissipated. If we can take all of the waste energy from boat\’s excess wakes, then it could power a boat lift? or the lighting? or maybe, given enough charging time, an electric boat. Why not add the additional balloon at the side posts too?

white paper on the subject for more science.