Glee Is Funny / My High School Dream

With Glee, Fox has managed to just about even up my interest in TV shows as with my favorite Thursday nights on NBC. This will make investing in GE in the future much more difficult.

\"\"So, I imagine that most people reading this never saw the Pilot, admittedly, I didn\’t see it until after seeing another episode on broadcast, but it is on Hulu if you want to see it. The premise is about the Glee club ending because the music teacher is removed and nobody will take it over, but Will Shuster begs the principal to allow him to reclaim his high school glee dream and restart the club.

I have a semi secret desire similar to Mr. Shu\’s to go back to high school and lead the programs that I was most active in… and I suppose in college… and if I really think about it, the people and groups I\’m working with now – ATDC and startups. So I guess that it\’s only natural to want to continue and to lead something which you\’ve been involved in.

The Glee cast includes some comedic relief from the cast of movies like \”The 40 Year Old Virgin\”\’s Jane Lynch as Sue, the \”Cheer-ios\” coach trying to get Glee out of the way.

Anyway, if you haven\’t seen an episode, I suggest that you check it out on Hulu.

I know that this is brief, and I\’m not really sure how to not ruin it for you, but I\’m going to leave you with this happy notion, figure out how you can make something that made you happy make other people happy.