The Real \”Communist\” Threat to the U.S.A. (Afghanistan)

Imagine a world super power being at War backing the less-Islamic-fundamentalist political power in Afghanistan for


9 years. Imagine thousands of soldiers dieing and ultimately very little progress being made in securing or protecting the people of Afghanistan. Imagine this super power effectively going bankrupt fighting this \”war.\” I Present You With 1979-1988 AND 2001-2009.

The Greeks are known for their creation of modern education and philosophy, importantly for this post, HISTORY. Undoubtedly many of us have hear the quote from our parents, school teachers, or other relevant educator \”Those who don\’t learn history are doomed to repeat it.\” and it seems that in2001-2009 the United States of America, as a nation of \”informed\” voters, dozens of angry newscaster, and cabinets of \”informed\” staff very few have [publicly] stated reservations on having some presence in Afghanistan and have therefore forgotten this idea.

The story above is true, in the 1980s, the USSR backed a semi-Marxist regime over a more fundamental Islamic regime (the Taliban) and eventually spent so much money and resources (troops) that the USSR was led to a series of events that lead to \”lose\” the cold war and declare bankruptcy as a nation.  [see side note #2 below]

The recent news is that the U.S.A. situation in Afghanistan is actually worse now than it was when we started in 2001 in terms of the resistance. This year the U.S.A. lost more soldiers than any year before in the War in Afghanistan. Similarly, there are estimates that this war is costing nearly a trillion ($,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$) dollars a year. In other words, spending that could have drastically reduced our national debt has produced Negative results year over year for 8 years.

The next decision is whether or not another troop \”surge\” will be sent with massive battalions of trucks and people to try to destroy this (in fact, similar to the same surges that the soviets tried) or to switch to a more automated battlefield with more predator drones (that the kernel believes won\’t work.) Sadly enough, withdrawing troops has not been suggested as a newsworthy option (even though the President ran on this platform.)

To add another current political element, some American \”conservatives\” and \”republicans\” are protesting Obama in all of his recent moves, often calling him a Communist, Socialist, Nazi, or Fascist – particularly for his attempting to have healthcare reform and a government option. These conservatives should research their history and see that the much more pressing issue that makes the Soviets \”bad\” and made them \”fail\” was an over extended military (there is a pretty big Germany hint in this as well.) Best of all, if we stop extending our troops in places where we are getting negative returns, any health care plan or bailout becomes much more affordable.
It would just be a small note on the table if the War in Vietnam, Korea, or Iraq was THE war that America was spending trillions of deficit spending on while facing an economic disaster, it makes it a lot more notable when the counter superpower from the 80s ultimately failed in the same location. And by economic disaster, I mean a climate when a rumor about major (OIL) commodities being switched to another currency is actually deemed viable and believable by some serious people in financial markets.

Before the Korean War, it was the conservative platform and generally accepted idea that the U.S.A. stay out of international wars.

(You can learn a lot more about this topic by reading about the fall of Soviet Russia and this item on the USSR Afghani War)

[#2 The United States CIA backed the fundamental Islamic regime to fight the soviets, training them, arming them, and otherwise helping them defeat the soviets in Gorilla Warfare. Those trained include Osama Bin Laden. This CIA action is known as Charlie Wilson\’s War and has some involvement with the Iran Contra]

[#3 I realize that the Afghanistan War is a result of the 9/11 attacks, but I don\’t feel like these negative returns are really honoring their memory. The September 11th, 2001 attacks killed 2,995 people. It\’s worth noting that none of the September 11th Hijackers were nationally Afghani, but 15/19 were from Saudi Arabia who the U.S. is \”friendly\” with in oil trade.]