The Joy of Art

Earlier this week I posted my first TwitPic of a piece of art, a rain gauge that I took the pleasure of painting the other night. I\’m lucky to enjoy meticulous painting and taking time to add life and personality to something.


I picked up an acrylics set late last Winter 2008, and painted a few painting, incidentally following in my grandfather\’s foot steps, so now there are two S.Reid artists.

One step in this painting that I was most proud of was that I mixed brown (I don\’t have a brown paint) to the color I wanted it to be on the first try. This requires a custom mixture of Red, Green, and Black… and I used a little bit more black in some locations so that the stump was darker than the branches.

I\’m probably least proud of the colors of the bird, because I didn\’t really settle in on a solid decision. As you can see in this picture, he is a light blue jay with some red tinted feathers and a few speckles. But under his wings are more yellow and green colors.

I hope that you enjoyed taking a look at some of my art because I like bragging about it. Just imagine, a week ago, this was just a broken (there is actually a bird missing,) single color faded and dirty rain gauge holder that took some imagination to figure out what it actually was.

Here\’s to making more art, in fact, I have a blank 16×20 canvas that\’s next.