Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-27

  • going to piedmont park to read forbes and rangefinder #
  • had an amazing time with new people being enthusiastic about potentially awkward conversations. #
  • Wal-Mart by itself is China's eighth-largest trading partner. #
  • looking at suits #
  • All of a sudden equities are where it's at? $MSFT $F $BGU $NVDA #
  • If one side is hot and one side is cold, you should power it with a peltier thermocouple… @ajaimk in reply to ajaimk #
  • Government provides firetrucks and police cars, why shouldn't taxes provide ambulances? #
  • Anybody want to watch 500 Days of Summer at Midtown arts cinema? I figure I shouldn't take the girl I've been seeing. #
  • Diabetic Coma from Sweet Tea from Mary Macs @dinaforehand #
  • Longer life for milk drinkers. I'm set. #

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