Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-22

  • @ajaimk too much muscle soreness from new workout to eat breakfast out. Just need to eat Bananas! #squarespace #
  • Pumped about $F ford being out of the money at $5.90 #
  • I want my wedding invitation in the far future to be this cool #
  • Saw a wimax marketing truck. Creative. How does a service within 60 miles compete with nationwide service at the same price? #
  • Most people won't see a difference between 1.5mbps 2xg and 3mbps #wimax unless the server is on the atl backbone @NOWatkins #squarespace in reply to NOWatkins #
  • people won't see a diff between 1.5mbps 2x- #3g and 3mbps #wimax unless the server is on the local backbone @NOWatkins #squarespace #
  • @kerryanderson Wimax is 3x faster than a single 3g connection, but AT&T already gives their access cards a bridged connection. in reply to kerryanderson #
  • @BAbnkr Mifi seems pretty cool, not having a tether would be nice. 4G is all data, so VOIP is where the futures of phones are. in reply to BAbnkr #
  • @TheMoneyMaven My stop loss orders are going through! in reply to TheMoneyMaven #
  • Saw people using porta potties in the bare feet. Ewe #atlfest #
  • Day 4 of Atlanta Fest. Casting Crowns tonight. I'll be pepping up the crowd and making sure that they're safe at Stage RIght. #atlfest #
  • Atlanta Fest 2009 was a blast. I am still tired even though I only worked from 4-12 today. Casting Crowns and stage right crowd were awesome #
  • Looking at futures, the S&P 500 is down to 914 from 946 a week ago. Ouch. #
  • Finally, futures are up. Looking $GE, $MSFT, $BHP for exposures this week. Also writing a blog post on the recent exp. day/week downtrends. #

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