Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-11

  • Was too protective yesterday. #
  • People like my margaritas. I like them too. Happy 5 of may. #
  • Drunk tweet. I know who i want. I can\’t get you off of my mind #
  • why is my comcast so slow this morning. How is a man supposed to trade? #
  • @ComcastSteve Sure, it\’s just really slow switching pages. It\’s near 15th St NW Atlanta. Multiple houses affected. in reply to ComcastSteve #
  • @TheMoneyMaven but tomorrow is Friday! after what is looking like a down day too. in reply to TheMoneyMaven #
  • @ComcastSteve NW Atlanta, 30318 in reply to ComcastSteve #
  • Time to start getting things done. Visiting to be grads at Athens later. #
  • @RedMaven Nobody wants to get rich off of somebody else\’s idea in reply to RedMaven #
  • My $BAC options just got called. my 15% gain is not the 60%+ gain the stock saw, but I can live with that, esp with my cash 🙂 #
  • @stefanyw Washing a car in Atlanta may be illegal, but I think that I do a better job for the money. in reply to stefanyw #
  • @jensechu my nephews broke the keys off of my laptop. It survives. Adds a bit of character. in reply to jensechu #
  • today, greed cost me $140-$210. #

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