As a business manager, my father realized that if he could get used computers for our family to grow up on that it would be beneficial for learning. So I\’ve been on older computers longer than many people might believe.

Technically, the first personal computer that I used was my family\’s 286. My brother and I used it together to play games, using a DOS shell and having some qbasic available. Mostly we used word perfect and had family games of gorilla.

My first personal computer was actually a downgrade to a Tandy 8088. I played red Baron on it and has word perfect. It was exciting.

The 386 SX (15) was the first computer that I built by myself, well, with my dad. This is one of my most memorable creations and achievements. How many 3rd graders do you know that put together their own computers? Then came the 386 25mhz upgrade.

This was about when windows 95 came out. I installed a copy from floppy disks.

The Mathematical processor in a 386 DX 40 was a giant upgrade and computing was at a new level.

At this time the internet was starting to get bigger with compuserve and aol services being the big ones – but BBS networks were free and where all of the hobbyists were at.