Bloomberg Futures and Other Market Information Sources

Some of my readers might wonder why I link to sites like bloomberg futures when they don\’t neccesarrily reflect what the stock markets will actually do the next day… and since I don\’t trade FOREX are of relatively little value.  I suggest that you are probably wrong then, because you are underestimating the value of knowledge in watching the markets.


The futures markets are a great way to investigate into the daily sentiment of the market.  You and I probably shouldn\’t trade on the actual markets based soley on the trends they set, but they can point out the existance of major stories that you haven\’t see yet. Even if you aren\’t trading on the FOREX these need to be followed.

Bloomberg is the CNBC of the UK and a lot of financial news covering many stories, and is not as limited in scope as less international news corporations… even though the New York Times is also a very good source, I think that you will find more and more interesting articles on an easier to use web site at Bloomberg.

Of course, you can also track futures on FOREX, and they have a great free trading trial that you should probably investigate.  Currency trading can be very dangerous, and just remember, for you to win, somebody else has to lose (as is often the case with markets)  and when we are talking about intitial margin accounts, little regulation, and very much prediction based pricing, where even technical analysis gets it wrong sometimes, I\’m weary to enter. But their trading platform has very nice charts and information details for that information.

Some other ideas: tends to have the most complete dividend information.  They have yield, amount, ex div date, and dividend date that are likely to be the most helpful in deciding whether a selected dividend play is worth it or not., New York Times, Bloomberg all seem to have the most easy to find financial news sections. I follow the NYTimes on Twitter and google wins on this list simply because it coorelates the charts and the news stories so that you might better understand what has been the market movers and what hasn\’t (Like the news story that a huge company like P&G (PNG) layed of an entire 80 employees last week.)

But there is no better place to get the story when investing than the company website and their annual reports. They have marketing departments, so be weary of too biased information, but if you want to compare how companies ideas compare to eachother, take a look at this information.