Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-13

  • riding my $SOJPU on the down market #
  • Why do I not feel like moving?! #
  • SGA Budget is cutting too much from sports clubs. #
  • Somebody convince me to sell either $22 or $23 $SSO Calls #
  • Analyst phone screen just went pretty well. And what is with the market accelerating this afternoon, losses are still on the books people. #
  • @bofabanker Options expire worthless when out of the money. When in the money they should be exercised (you need the capital to buy shares) in reply to bofabanker #
  • Allergies are killing me!. #
  • Helping non cs-sy people with CS HW, keeping me away from my pizza, but strangely enjoyable. Also saw a really beautiful face. #

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