Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-16

  • A student org wanted $3000 for a speaker for their 16 person organization over GT spring break. O, and it cost $25 for GT Students #
  • Meet the VC, ATDC 7:30am #
  • Working in final cut #
  • My sleep schedule is all over the place #
  • Flying to SFO and then to Stanford #
  • At Stanford. Wanting to see the campus and visit silicon valley type companies tomorrow. #
  • @bofabanker rule: never hold on to a loser in reply to bofabanker #
  • Touring Stanford. #
  • @pakaloeff I\’m in the San Francisco/Palo Alto areas as well. See you? in reply to pakaloeff #
  • @bofabanker MSFT spends some of their R&D on my robotics research at gatech. Also the Surface is a good ex. in reply to bofabanker #
  • Intel Museum in Santa Clara #
  • @ Stanford again, tired, Mountain bike should not be used on roads. #
  • Debating hostel or fancy hotel tomorrow night. Alcatraz at 12:45. #
  • Thanks for letting me stay @manusm and @binney #
  • San Fran on Broadway St. #
  • Dinner in San Fran on Broadway #

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