Timing is Everything

This is the first real non financial post I\’m making.  Which is sort of funny because it very much could be interpreted as one… and I just changed the sub title on this blog to be financially inclined.

I\’ve been making huge strides in timing this year. I suppose part of it was the addendum to my New Years resolution of trying not to be late to important meetings and as many events as I could change. I get my habit of being late from my mom, who just this last Thursday almost missed a flight that she missed last time she went to the same place.


I\’ve recently discovered how useful it is to be early for events and presentations and the advantages it brings toward you as a participant, and the extra professionalism it adds.

On the other hand, it is difficult for me to really work on my timing when I feel like I am on time to the important things. I\’ve never missed a flight, interview, or professional meeting, and I am proud of this, but it also makes a very loud statement to the things that I am late for that they are less important.

So, imagine how much simpler your life might be if you just got moving in time and made it to your commitments. How much more impressed would your friends and acquaintances be if you showed up to coffee on time for them. And what if you had time to spare – which is actually one of my favorite parts about being early. If I see somebody, have to make a quick call, or who knows make a trade there is now all of a sudden time to do it.

Planning out your schedule a little better and prioritizing can definitely help make your professional image look better. This extra effort will change how others see you and the respect they have for you.

Really Be there!

But once you\’re on time, be there. I\’ve seen this a lot through my life, I guess because I am lucky because I don\’t typically have a problem with an in-the-middle state, but if you\’re going to be awake, then be awake.  That all-nighter that a group member did last week didn\’t help at all when he showed up for the presentation glazed over. I take a shot of apple or orange juice to get me going, and it tends to work pretty well. Just think, all of that sugar going to your brain. But the more important part is the routine and convincing yourself to really be there.

Timing is important for the market too!


As somebody reading a financial blog, you should have a schedule that at least in some way reflects the markets. Seeing opening bell is important, checking out the news ahead of time is important, reading the futures can help you make a good decision in the day. Don\’t oversleep the things that get you the useful information that you need to know. Of course, we also want to time when the directions will shift, but that\’s much harder to succeed in.

Timing on the Street. (on the road, sorry)

As an avid bicyclist who uses it as my primary mode of transportation to work, restaurants and entertainment, and committee meetings I see dozens of cars trying to make time by speeding up only to make my life more dangerous and to end up waiting at the same stop light with me. Driving fast nets an average of 8 seconds on a short trip. Is it worth it?

Too long, too short.

I\’ve been meeting with a lot of venture capitalists and investors recently along with seeing startups pitch ideas. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to make your presentation either too long (boring) or too short (leaving me with questions.) I\’d actually love to mention the success at StartupRiot where not a single presenter (of 51) went much over the three minute presentation time.