Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-09

  • @ajaimk If you ever go to firehouse subs they have a 10++ rated 357 sauce. 1 bite of a sub with 1 drop and I was crying. in reply to ajaimk #
  • Looking for financial analyst positions in Califonia #
  • Looking for financial analyst positions in California #
  • @gtacm I have to leave before 7:30, should I still attend the event? in reply to gtacm #
  • writing a blog on selling stocks. #
  • RT: @nytimes: Gunmen Attack Sri Lankan Cricket Team #
  • RT: @smileysteve: New blog post: Lowest Levels Since 1997 #
  • @Lance thanks for speaking and answering Startup questions #
  • can\’t sleep #
  • spent the whole night in REM and so has a painfully tired body #
  • Hack Week Opening at GT COC #GtHack #
  • was hit on his bike by the bumper of the car that cut him off. #
  • @TheMoneyMaven Sold calls today, hope to buy them back ~ next monday… will sell again next ~ next friday in reply to TheMoneyMaven #
  • @ajaimk we\’re all photoshopping, so just a warning that a wire frame won\’t blend in in reply to ajaimk #
  • Join me for dinner. Moe\’s Atlantic Station #
  • headed to GT library. I use large scale plotter @ajaimk in reply to ajaimk #
  • @bofabanker I think BAC\’s fall already happened and nobody thinks it is worth less than $3 in reply to bofabanker #
  • camping at lake Allatoona. #

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