Trading and Investing in multiple markets is something that everybody wishes they had more experience with, and luckily I have a lot of experience both gaining and losing value in the stock market through various vehicles.  I am a senior analyst with the Georgia Tech Student Foundation (the U.S.A.\’s largest student run fund), worked with JP Turner, analyze for a small fund,  and have been actively trading stocks since 2005.  I specialize in Exchange Traded Funds, REITs, and call option strategies.

The more productive and innovative side of business is startups.  I\’ve had the pleasure of being an entrepreneur with my first contract at age 13 and working with various other business startups since then, including my time at Elgia Inc. that went from a 3 person company to a 20 person company during my employment.

This blog will contain a lot of information, mostly information that you can decide to use to your advantage (I take no negative  responsibility for anything you do resulting from these posts) or just to have a better overall knowledge of how things works.

I will occasionally post on events that I attend, popular people in the field that I see,  and some ideas brought up at public investment group meetings.

Old Reports:

DUK Duke Energy 6/2008 download pdf

SD Sandridge Energy IPO 1/2008 pdf