Stephen Reid is a 24 year old living it up in Atlanta, GA.


During 2009, Stephen worked for a handful of companies as a technology consultant and programmer while trading stocks and options during this tumultuous economic time. This is also when Stephen got more involved in the Atlanta startup scene as he tried grow his SAAS application for schools with the Tag program.

Stephen is currently working as a software engineer at Pardot, developing their saas marketing automation program in PHP5 symphony.

College Years (Sports, Investments)

The decision to attend The Georgia Institute of Technology was not an easy one, as his brother had attended slight rival Auburn University and as such was a fan (Georgia Tech Beat Auburn the last time they played in 2005) but decided to do so considering the academic quality and the potential for the Georgia Tech Water Ski team. After finding that he was most interested in the Georgia Tech Student Foundation Investments Committee, he decided to become a College of Management student and concentrate in Finance.

In the Investments Committee, students analyze and report on both new and current holdings of the foundation, along with educational presentations on new topics. At the time, Exchange Traded Funds were new and a fun and exciting way to pursue indexes, internationals, commodities, and eventually some options exposure and this was the knowledge presentation series Stephen would keep researching.

In 2006, Stephen quickly became the captain of the Georgia Tech Water Ski Club and began sharing some of the presidential duties including adding input to competition, budget use, and major fund raising items. The Water Ski club grew and made over $80k in purchases and established one of its first sponsors. This growth helped the competition team as well, as in 2008 and 2009 the team sent several skiers to the NCWSA All Stars Competition.

Beginnings with The Internet

As a young entrepreneur, Stephen wrote, arranged, and began his first contract web site and hosting for Wexford Club in 1998.

In 2001, Stephen began working for Elgia Inc. as a PHP developer, working mostly in internal applications including CRM and Event management software. Working at a small company, he had the chance to manage email, web, database, and phone servers. With a knack for technology problem solving, he often found himself supporting and training the upper levels of fortune 500 companies.

Stephen cooperated his studies and job  by taking directed studies at Roswell High School through the TAG department where he worked with close friends David, Brian, and Jeff in writing various PHP applications. The first of these applications being a logic intensive script that saved teachers hundreds of hours each semester in planning a rotating seminar schedule to be used with the tag registration system implemented slightly earlier.  This group of programmers would go on to write the content management system and design that Roswell High used from early 2005 until 2010.