When I saw the Ben Stiller movie, Dodgeball, I thought that it was completely ludicrous, and that nobody over the age of like 14 ever thought twice about it.

Turns out I was wrong! I am on the CCF Intramural team this year and it is so intense. 8 on 8, best of 5 and so far, all of our matches have been incredibly close. I\’ve had to dodge 3 balls at one time. I\’ve come back in after a teammate caught a ball, and I\’ve gotten out when the other team caught a ball I threw.

Some people are like pro too, they throw with fast sidearms and catch a curve as the ball deforms? It\’s hard to dodge those because you can\’t be sure how strong the curve will be.

My team is 2-0 and it\’s looking good that we could do fairly well in the school wide level.