What do you think about Korea?

I was supposed to have an interview with North Western Mutual Callaway Black for a Financial Management position this morning at 10am, but actually sort of got lost on the way and then just decided to call and tell them that I already had a position. Honestly, though, I was very much less than interested in the position after my experiences at JP Turner and my last landlord who ran his own branch of NWMF. The old landlord was in an investment that he knew nothing about (when we moved out he and his assistant were mad that we had the utilities in our names disconnected.) JP Turner had was based on retail commissions and effectively poor advertising techniques to both get new customers and convince new customers to trade (instead of calling old customers with suggestions we sent a mass mailing saying call us.) Anwyay, if i wanted to become a financial representative I see no reason why I wouldn\’t do it on my own and charge on performance instead of commissions.

But I am really considering going to Korea to teach ESL.

  • I get to travel to korea and asia
  • New experiences
  • Make a ton of new friends (be forced to)
  • The salary is very decent ($2-2.5k) with 20-30 hours considering housing is free and food is cheaper

But I am afraid that I would set myself up to retire if I did that. My covered call option strategy would in theory work pretty well if I used current and ~1.5k/month capital in the covered call strategy. By the time I got back I may never need to work again.

Otherwise, with 20-30 hours there is nothing that says that I can\’t contract (web program?) for my spare time.

I\’m still thinking that I want to just keep it simple and be a server manager in Cali though.