United States of Leland(Movie)

About four years ago I saw the preview for the United States of Leland. Check out the US of Leland Trailer on Youtube. Anyway, tonight, Owen had it from Netflix.

It\’s a deep storyline that tracks perspectives, humanity, humanity\’s failures, religion, and moral compasses. It has Ryan Gosling, Don Cheadle, Ozstriker from American Pie, and many of the actors from Saved.

It is a success in really getting you to think about life and what you see in other people; but it doesn\’t really suggest any answers.The viewer is constantly lost in the confusion of the events of the story (like in Crash) and the seemingly unemotional simplicity of Leland.

Do other people see electricity or sadness in your eyes? What is in your life? Do you manipulate others? Do you cheat on your wife? Are you lost in a false reality (drugs)? Does there have to be a why?

There are two ways to see life, the optimistic/pessimistic ways where you see what is happening as good or bad and ignore the other — and then the real way when you take the unemotional look and see the good and the bad and what is really happening.

Sorry if I ruined the movie some, but you should check it out because it will make you think. It will make you wonder about how life works and how you lie to yourself.

Mostly the movie should help you empathize with the results of your actions and what others are feeling. So next time when you are talking to your kids, talking with alleged criminals, being sympathetic to disabled people, or picking teams for volleyball — think about how it would make you feel. The golden rule says to treat others as you would like to be treated many people preach it, but few people do — few people realize the real results of their actions.

\”I\’m only human man\”

\”It\’s funny how you only hear people say that after they\’ve done something bad. I mean, you don\’t hear somebody say they\’re only human when they save somebody from a buring building.