Laptop Alive

I am so filled with joy! This post is being made from my old IBM t23 laptop (my favorite laptop) after it died earlier this February. I also have the privilege now to brag that my laptop works because I soldered it together.

I like my ibm laptop so much because it is my first functional laptop that I picked out specifically. It\’s only a 1.13ghz pentium 3 but it performs like a champ.

At one point I got a cousin mad because I suggested that a dell or walmart pc would work for him but not for me. It wasn\’t cpu performance it was preferences — like the great wifi antennas in the screen and the little tiny led to light up the keyboard. That and it was not heavy and had a pretty good battery life.

I like my laptop a lot!

Anyway, so I found out about the probable lose coil after searching on ebay for a new motherboard. I wish I would have found out about this the last time that my motherboard died! Here is a link to the full description: