Christians Religion

I\’m tired of Christians failing to have Christ like attitudes when it comes to life. It is probably one of the biggest struggles that I have with religion that so many of my fellow believers so obviously fail to understand some of the basics.


First, many Christians fail at the responsibility parts of life. In a world where we are supposed to treat everybody like a brother, a lot of people just act lazily and expect somebody else to do their work! This is not the Christian thing to do! You didn\’t read about Jesus not throwing away his trash, littering. attracting bugs, or being haphazard.

Worst of all, this is a perfect area that Atheists, Agnostics, and other (non)-religions can show off. How well you handle yourself is most people\’s only insights into your life, and shows exactly how much power you and your faith have over your own circumstances.


This strikes a particular accord as I expect my Mom to worry about me, but she very much unneccesarrily does so and is very struck by the horror news and predjudices of what is dangerous without much actual knowledge about the situation.

A giant argument that I have with mainstream Christianity is about heaven and hell! I feel like somebody who is truly happy with the lives they are living should be fine with the prospect of dieing! Nay! The Christian right are perhaps the most protective. This hits right on with the stance on abortion — if life has begun and all babies go to heaven isn\’t an abortion actually saving a baby from the perils of the world, the freewill actions neccesary to go to hell, and sending them right to eternal paradise? Too often, the afterlife is a selling point about christianity even though nothing about it is known and most Christians will tell you that you won\’t even be yourself as you know it, but your spirit with no wanton desires ~ so why sell on it as opposed to being happy through serving others while you are in the world…. like Jesus.

Sex and Smoking

In Christian SIngles (a magazine that my mom brings me) there is an article about a smoking boyfriend. Smoking tobacco is a drug and known to have a correlation with cancer. While the magazine doesn\’t say that there is anything wrong with smoking (read destroying God\’s temple) it stresses on sexual purity (read becoming one temple in Christ.) The way I see it, smoking should be considered a much worse thing for your temple (addictive, cancerous, attitude adjusting) than sexual impurity (burns calories, releases happy chemicals to serve others, reduces chances of cancer.) For those (like me) with sexual purity saved for that future partner, smoking means that you could die many years earlier and miss out sharing that life — which negates any idea of respect.