My Gmail was Hacked

This semster I am in three computer science classes: Information Security, Intro to Database Systems, and Computing and Society. Information security is by far the most interesting (and geeky.)

So even though I\’m in this interesting information security class, I had a weak as heck password on my gmail that allowed it to be brute forced. It was only 7 alpha characters :(. Anyway, so I got two emails at my GaTech account that were saying \”check out this new electronics site\” from Stephen. At first I was really afraid — that I had somehow installed a virus in Linux (it\’s only barely possible.) Then I worried that in putting my music or pictures on the web I symlinked the wrong folder — but I couldn\’t find any contacts in those files (oops I had torrents on my www for a while that Google cached.) Finally I a sent mail in gmail account so it seems fairly localized.

To brag about my information security class some more; I\’m apparently the only one who has seen real life hacks! Heres a surprising piece of info, I\’m a Management Major and have more sharable experience (and make fine geek jokes) as well as the rest of the Computer Science majors. That and nobody else has Linux like installed and customized (much less are they building the kernels.) Anyway, so to the point, our presentation assignment was to share hacks, one swiss guy shared some experience writing windows password grabbers — I shared on website files being uploaded and locked out — and everybody else has shared about newspaper incidents (when the project suggested using your own experience). So anyway, I got some CS credit.

I also wrote the longest programs (with functions) that I have ever written in python and C this week. They sort of work, but to go from not knowing either to writing several hundred lines is pretty amazing in my book. Granted I\’m not programming modules in linux yet, but I understand how to manipulate files, iterate, intake arguments, out, and time. Pretty intense for somebody who has only touched PHP and MySQL in four years.

Last night I went on a date to screen on the green (for ET) we couldn\’t really see the movie, but she was really fun. She kind of says anything that comes to her head whether or not I consider it publicly acceptable. I learned a lot about her personal life — and that\’s fun; I guess I need to work on sharing my life? No, I think I share my life enough (though I do have a private blog post here for alone).