Venture Capital

Today in my computing and society class, a founding partner from came and told us about realizing our dreams and not being afraid to start our own companies. He gave examples of investors (Family, Angels, and Venture Capitalists) and the the environment with the necessities.

I\’ve been asked what I want to do when I graduate by a lot of people. I\’m still not really sure what I want to do when I grow up, but I have some ideas. The most major, concentration, minor ideas that I have that relate the most to the GT Student Foundation are to be an analyst at an investment bank — and I further extend that to its \”lower\” level of being an analyst and eventually lead at a venture capital firm. This last year made me realize that I am very interested in marketing — supposedly sports marketing. FInally, potential backup plans could be some years with international teaching (or the peace corp?) or to even be a teacher in the states because influencing interested students how to rock at life seems like it would be neat (plus it happens everywhere and has some vacation so it has its perks that way.)

Here is what would make me great for the ibank / venture capital life:

  • I\’ve run my own \”company\” before :: I\’ve negotiated contracts for contracting work (I kind of need to work on this) — but have marketed myself, networked, and had real results. ALong with realizing the expenses of overhead.
  • I\’ve been in some successful startups (Elgia and ItsMedia). I worked with one lady who turned an idea and 3 person company into two companies with more than 15 employees. I also did the small web company in Norcross to realize what I don\’t like.
  • ItsMedia tried an international startup
  • I have many ideas that I may or may not realize — but that I work out and tell others about
  • I have a critical, bouncy, and dreamy imagination that helps me evaluate technologies based on current ones and uniqueness and how realistic ideas are.
  • I have some leadership skills
  • I know how the stock market works and performs with gains and losses.