An Awesome 21st Birthday

I have the unfortunate circumstance of being almost a year older than most of my friends, which means that I did not really get to have the 21st birthday party that I wanted because none of them could go to bars. Luckily, I have enjoyed some of their 21st birthday parties where we\’ve had a lot of fun.

The first really fun 21st birthday non house party that I went to was Joey\’s, we went to moon dogs with some friends and girls and had a really great time. We had several pitchers of beer, and then I moved onto the black Russians. I think that I had such a good time because so many friends were there — and I got significantly drunk, and there was dancing, good beer flavors, loud music and tons of fun. I also had the pleasure of joining our table of mostly guys with another table of mostly girls despite being so innebriated. I also got her number. On the car ride back my head was bouncing from the back seat and Joanna\’s lap to the ceiling to which I headed back to my cold home as we had turned the heat down since everybody was away.

This last Friday was another great one. Danny B decided to go to Atlanta Brewing Company and then to the highlands. The brewing company was a blast! They had tastey thick beer and we got to see all of the machinery they use to make good beer. Then we went to Rays… and then to Highlands to an Irish pub where Danny got so trashed that he passed out at the pub and puked in the cab. It was a grand ole\’ time.